Putera Klasik


What Went Wrong?

Obviously a lot went wrong. In the first place the Government started off on the wrong premise. It believed that there had been racial harmony in the past and that the Sino-Malay cooperation to achieve Independence was an example of racial harmony.

It believed that the Chinese were only interested in business and acquisition of wealth, and that the Malays wished only to become Government servants. These ridiculous assumptions led to policies that undermined whatever superficial understanding there was between Malays and non-Malays.

On top of this the Government, glorify in its massive strength, became contemptuous of criticism directed at it either by the opposition or its own supporters. The gulf between the Government and the people widened so that the Government was no longer able to feel the pulse of the people or interpret it correctly.

It was therefore unable to appreciate the radical change in the thinking of the people from the time of Independence and as the 1969 elections approached. And finally when it won by such a reduced majority the Government went into a state of shock which marred its judgement. And so murder and arson and anarchy exploded on May 13 1969.

That was what when wrong.«MM

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